2015-07-16 meeting notes

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Are we going to do this

can we afford it

  • Nick is at ~$700 in pledges
  • installation equipement, bolts, shims, bit, impact wrench


  • children shouldn't free range here anyway
  • we could paint lines on the floor for allowed spaces
  • signage

1. fluid in, fluid out
2. trained members only

We could do it on a 6 month trial basis

Where is it going to go

18" from stress relief scores

may have to move some light fixtures


To the side

  • alleviates concern of people leaving projects for long time periods
  • 45 degree angle where current workbenches are

In the middle

  • social pressure to not leave things for long periods
  • tape marked out on the floor

At the end

  • space, more out of the way if people leave things on the lift
  • more pressure to keep center clear
  • woodworking tools can fairly easily be moved around
  • must be ~10-12' from the wall

Policies (waste oil, etc)


  • company does not care -Jenett

Do we become liable for waste oil, fluids, etc, from auto work

  • in over a year, we have none. that sets a good precedent
  • several places take used oil for free
  • recycling center, among other fluids

Must be a member to be certified to use it

  • laser, lathe, mill, welding equipement


  • Contain your project to its associated area
  • Should set up a storage area
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