2015 Yearly Meeting

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Agenda for the 2015 Annual Meeting which will be held on January 25th from 9am to 1pm.

Year in review 2014

  • high points
  • low points
  • what worked?
  • what didn't?
  • the move!
  • Makevention 2014
  • what workshops did we have?
  • who all have we collaborated with this year?
  • lazor tub3s

Issues to discuss, 2015 Goals

  • Treasurers report, how are we doing financially?
  • Come up with a plan for keeping the front area clean - first thing new people see when they step in the front door
    • perhaps set up a system where items that have been sitting forever can be given 'expiration dates' (stickers in an easy to find area aka front desk/3wk-2wk-1wk-toss it system)
    • whatever we do, don't leave all incoming junk stuff in the welcome area!
    • also keep the front desk clean!
  • Organize scrap pile in workshop, come up with plan to help keep this more organized in the future
  • Member project storage shelving & totes - will help keep the boneyard separated from members projects so less confusion over what is hackable junk
  • Dust collector - either purchase one or build one, we need to make it easier to contain wood dust
  • Plastic sheets for metal working equipment to keep wood dust off (lathes, mill, welding equipment)
  • Buildout of more walls in office area?
  • Makevention 2015 - who's leading that?
  • 501c3 status?
  • Security cameras?
  • Formally move member emergency contact forms from workshop to green cabinet in office near front door
  • Mount antenna mast on corner of our building - for ham antenna, and Harpo's mesh network project
  • Water heater - Dale dropped off a ~5 gallon electric water heater last week, needs to be tested, then we can install it
    • Plumbing for hot water lines to bathroom and mud room already installed, just needs to be plumbed to a water heater (on bathroom ceiling)
    • There are 2 unlit AC wires available for use above mud room, needs circuit breakers on breaker-box end
  • Back door RFID access - electric strike installed as of 1-21, hope to have reader installed next week

  • Air Conditioning
    • What would satisfy our needs? What do we need to buy? Identify cost
    • Start fundraiser for AC for this spring
  • I'd like to discuss moving the current members list to be a public discuss list and setup a new members mailing list for private-only discussions
    • There are several reasons for this. First, everyone is afraid to use the public announce list as a discuss list (because it's an announce list after all). Next, when someone stops being a formal member, removing them from the members removes their access to their community which is not intended. Third, it prevents outsiders from getting a better view of our group. I really enjoy seeing the goings on at LVL1 and other spaces because they have a public discuss list. Lastly, only our new-member process requires privacy, so a private list is still needed, hence a "new" members-only list. Thanks - dosman
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