2016-09-14 meeting minutes

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Tonight's Agenda

  • Items in the workshop - if you have a concern about something taking up space in the workshop please plan to attend. If you have a large notable item in the workshop also plan to attend (I certainly have stuff that fits the bill).
  • Function (or lack there of) of purgatory
  • Finding permanent locations for certain objects (brooms, etc)
  • Possibility for a metal casting workshop
  • Pumpkin Trebuchet discussion


  • Jenett T.
  • Kyle D.
  • Daniel H.
  • Neal B.
  • Hans K.
  • Apple
  • Dosman
  • Steve B.
  • Heath H.
  • Steve C.
  • Nick V.
  • Allen I.
  • Wolf H.
  • Harpo R.
  • Eric O.
  • Rex M.
  • Chet

Treasurer's Report

~4062.89 in the bank

Target is 4470 aka 3mo expenses Saving $200/mo

$256/mo for electricity. This was the welding workshop - money made by the workshop covered the cost. So it's more like $180 for the month. People have been practicing welding as well and that costs some money too, so please remember the donation box.

Makevention: ~$2k at door. $2250 sponsor money Budget is $3.5K, took in $1250

Dust Collector is a 110 device $300 if we buy all the things Air compressor was a $700 project

2017 is coming! Switchyard Park will be here before too long. So, let’s focus on saving money for now knowing a move is in our future.

Trash talk

(Or equipment and projects that are not being used and taking up precious workshop real estate)

Christian is a former member who has some metal casting tools still residing in the workshop. It does not appear that anybody is using them. Daniel talked to Christian and there was talk of a possible workshop at the space if there is interest from the membership. Daniel will send out something to the list about a possible workshop with Christian’s stuff. We decided that if nothing’s happened by Thanksgiving, he needs to remove the items. If after a month after the workshop, nobody is really using these tools, they need to be removed. Check in with Daniel if you are interested in attending a workshop.

There is a concern about things getting ‘too aggressively recycled’. We moved to the workshop to look at some specific items.

We decided:

  • The big plotter - needs to go
  • Electrohome projector - needs to go
  • Big TV - needs to go
  • Nicks's shed - will be leaving soon
  • Trebuchet - coming soon to the space. There is a deadline and hard end date for this ([October 29 https://bloomington.in.gov/pumpkinlaunch])

Heath is going to put some of the stuff on Freecycle to see if we get some takers.


While it seemed a nice idea, the current implementation hasn’t been working so hot. Let's give a hand to Nick though for clearing it out last weekend.

Q:How can we encourage people to clear it out?

  • Rotation?
  • Some randomized process?
  • Credit toward your dues? (historically, not really something we've wanted to do)
  • A thing for the starving hacker rate to do? (concerns that would create a second class citizen situation)


Steve is going to put up a sign describing how Purgatory works:

  • Label items with the date you added them (just use a strip of masking tape, write the date on them).
  • On the first of the month, items will be thrown out or recycled as appropriate.

Other Topics

Dan and Heath are going to set up a shop for laser goods. Proceeds will go to Bloominglabs.

Nation of Makers (the DC thing Steve and Jenett attended): there is a call Thu 8pm at Jenett's house with Andrew Coy, President's Senior Advisor for Making

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