2024 March Board Meeting

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Start @ 1900


I. Roll Call

A. Present:

  • Calob (President)
  • Kyle (Secretary)
  • Apple (Officer at Large)
  • Kevin (Member)
  • Nathan (Officer at Large)
  • Jimmy (Treasurer)(online)

II. Old Business

A. Continuing board meetings

1. Tuesday at 1900 - Calob
a. passes fully

B. Installing new equipment

1. Repairing the sandblasting cabinet
a. obj - popularity may tax air compressor
b. obj - bypass room captain
2. Table router
a. Which one
b. run a test project to find out what is wrong with it
3. Bike rack
a. consensus positive
b. Crossfit has a bike rack, approach and ask to use
1. contact info?
2. Jimmy is point

III. New Business

A. Funds

1. $200 limit? - Standing rule
a. Check bylaws on funding rules
b. ?Member funding first, Board vote for space funds next?

B. Website

1. Free hosting from digital ocean
a. expires in ? months
b. no email from there
c. Makevention & wiki beta sites currently hosted there

IV. Open Floor

A. Remove Ian from bank account

1. Add Calob
2. Kyle must witness
3. Wednesday @ 1500

B. Fund Tracking

1. Area ledger
a. bring up in future meetings
b. double-entry accounting by area
2. Passive Income
a. Kroger
b. Tax-exempt status (green binder?)

V. Adjournment @ 1930

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