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Bloominglabs 2024 Annual Meeting Minutes

Date: Saturday, Feb. 24, 2024

Secretary: James Torre

The Annual Meeting officially commenced at 1:05 PM. Roll call was taken. 13 members were present (12 in person, 1 remote), 12 voting, 1 non-voting. No members of the public were in attendance.

Per our Bylaws, 25% of voting members are required for a quorum at an Annual Meeting. As of this date, 36 Bloominglabs members were recorded as full rate, voting members, for a quorum threshold of 9. A quorum was thus reached, and the meeting continued.

The Agenda was as follows:

1. Roll Call

2. Old Business:

a. Receive and review the 2023 Annual Report

b. State of the space discussion

3. New Business:

a. Officer Election (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Officer-at-Large #1 and #2)

b. 2024 prospective

4. Open floor to the audience

5. Adjournment

Old Business:

The 2023 Annual Report (composed by Treasurer Apple Muncy) was received and reviewed.

See Report here: File:2023AnnualReport.pdf

Section by section commentary follows:

Corporate Information:

TODO: Include Google Voice phone number in official business communication and advertisements.

Financial Report:


The Bright line item constitutes the majority of the decline in income for 2023 versus 2022.

As of 2024, Amazon Smile is discontinued.

TODO: sign up for kroger, walmart, target, etc. in replacement

TODO: confirm Internet expenses for 2022

TODO: make room-specific in/out flows more visible to members

Cost of accounting was noted as ~150 USD/month, between Freshbooks and credit card payment processing fees.

Total member count: 62 in 2023, up from 59 in 2022.

50% more full time than hardship members; the former were lost due to moving, personal budget reasons, and lack of realized use of the space. Several members transitioned from full to partial memberships.

TODO: Send member exit surveys.

Makevention: Largely a praise report. Total attendance of 700 is comparable to 2022, up from 2021.

TODO: Pavilion sound dampening

TODO: Check Lotus Festival timing for 2024 [DONE: Oct. 3 - 6, 2024, the weekend prior to Makevention.]

External volunteers (Jeanette Lehr) led Makevention 2022/2023 organizing committee. More Bloominglabs volunteers desirable, and/or reduce table count.

TODO: correct t-shirts line item

In Case of Emergency Press absent from 2023, hopefully will attend in 2024.

TODO: Contact ABR Imagery regarding t-shirts, exchange for advertising, Ian G. as liaison.

Hardware donations:

2023 requires correction/verification, e.g. Grayson and vacuum equipment.


Workshops large in number, small in attendance/diversity of topics. IU Woodworking represents plurality of Woodshop usage.

TODO: capture cross-advertisement with IU Woodworking, more student members.

Remember the Wiki!

TODO: See if Discardia wants to resume mending days at Bloominglabs - Rebecca S. as liaison.

4th of July Parade participation is anticipated.

TODO: Confirm with Heath regarding 2023 plant barrel workshops.

Kevin reports generic interest for workshops from the public.

TODO: Determine support for Pumpkin' Chunkin' Competition participation.

Salient property issues in 2023:

Water ingress:

Landlord has been informed; offer made by Mark to pay for materials for concrete resurfacing, if Bloominglabs organizes, pays for labor.

TODO: Pete to run scope through north wall downspouts. [DONE]

TODO: Get Rev. Smokey Joe access to the attic. [DONE]

Space management:

'Do Not Hack' stickers must include the year they were applied.

The 2023 Annual Report was accepted following public review.

New Business:

Officer Elections:

Nominations from the floor:

From Ian G.: James T. for Treasurer

From Ian G.: Kyle D. for Secretary

From Ian G.: Calob H. for President

From Ian G.: Nathan H. for Officer-at-Large #1

From Ian G.: James (Apple) M. for Officer-at-Large #2

Voting conducted as a slate.

Unanimous assent, 1 abstention (James T.)

2024 Prospective:


3D Printer - James T./Ian G./Rebecca S.

Meta-workshop workshop - dosman

Workshop registration workflow streamlining.

Workshop proposals:

1. Tye-dying

2. Soldering

3. Training for tools in the space - regularly occurring.

4. Solar eclipse film lenses - dosman, March 23

5. Spring Tool Preparation - fix and sharpen gardening, et al. tools.

6. Fabric arts, vinyl arts, screen printing

7. Laser workshops

8. Plant barrels

9. SolveSpace - Alex von Hoene


1. Parade

2. Fix-it

3. Punkin' Chunkin'

4. Cub Scouts

5. Repair/cleaning day at BLBS

Fundraising Discussion:

Corporate donations:

Loronwood Builders - Rev. Smokey Joe

Diane Henschel - Ian G.

Adopt Propeller Accelerator (of Columbus, IN) model of accepting old tools, e.g. from Ivy Tech.

Industrial sewing machine donation - Sailrite, Rebecca

Grants - co-ordinate with the Board.

Soliciting money from members for specific projects can be made use of more frequently.

Sponsors for the space - Dewalt, Festool, Indiana Oxygen

Member Value Survey (organized by Nathan H.):

16 responses, reasonably representative of space usage.

Of note for priority tool repair:


Table router

Sponsorship of the space or Makevention should be co-ordinated with the membership as a whole.


Kevin R. motioned to adjourn, Rebecca S. seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 3:55 PM.

Unofficial Minutes

Agenda and notes for the 2024 Yearly Meeting. This meeting is scheduled for February 24th, 2024.

Meeting Agenda

  • Establish Quorum
    • Quorum requires at least 25% of our voting membership. Total voting members TBD.
  • Present 2023 Annual Report - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HkYlIcYCGK602bxkjwyx-LHS_Wt54BtKRajHD1UeM5A
    • Treasurers report (contained in the 2023 annual report - link TBD)
    • Verify annual report activities section accounts for all workshops/activities that took place in 2023
  • Vote on board positions
    • Propose and establish next board meeting date for 2024, and meeting frequency
  • Makevention status
    • First Makevention committee meeting of the year still due to happen, previous one was canceled due to scheduling conflicts
  • Bloominglabs value survey results
  • Status of water infiltration from metal shop
  • Establish a future meeting date for a workshop planning session
    • Pick a date in mid-late March to hold a public eclipse viewing filter making workshop - we provide the filter film, and help people make custom filters for telephoto lenses, telescopes, and binoculars that the public brings in
    • Rest of details to be determined outside of this meeting
  • Kevin & Comcast


  • Current Board 2023:
    • President - Ian
    • Treasurer - Apple
    • Secretary - Jimmy
    • At-Large #1 - Pealer
    • At-Large #2 - Rebeca
  • New board voted in for 2024:
    • President - Calob
    • Treasurer - Jimmy
    • Secretary - Kyle
    • At-Large #1 - Nathan
    • At-Large #2 - Apple
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