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Project starter page to design and build a BloomingLabs IoT Bathroom Minder.


Sensors for occupancy detection

  • Light Sensor*
  • Motion Sensor*
  • Door Open/close sensor (reed switch)*
  • Flush sensor
  • Methane sensor (ew)*
  • already have these

Components that communicate and take action(s) based on occupancy state and transitions

  • 'Occupied' signs (both at the door and in the workshop)
  • Green/red light
  • Talking skull head that communicates: 'Enter - if you dare', 'You may enter', 'None shall pass' when touched (capacitive sensor)
  • Wireless or other communication mechanism reports state that in turn is exposed by a web server via:
  • API for programs
  • Webpage for humans
  • Responds to texts
  • Atomizer can spray a more agreeable scent if methane threshold is triggered:


Additional fun 'overkill' aspects

  • Get in a 'queue' if bathroom is occupied, receive text when it's open and you're next in line

TODO: learn enough wiki code to format this.

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