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This is a page to organize our relocation in 2017.


Things we have currently

  • $4 per square foot
  • 3200 square feet
  • Excess parking
  • Easy access to B-line trail
  • Clean room area / hangout area
  • Workshop area
  • Garage door
  • RFID access

Potential Space Candidates

  • South Walnut location
  • South Rogers location
  • Downtown location/Kiln building

Things we Need

This assumes basic minimums of a usable property are met such as non-leaky roof, working HVAC, cold+hot water, etc.

  • ~$4 per square foot
  • 3000 square feet minimum
  • Enough parking
  • High-speed internet access
  • Clean area
  • Workshop area
  • Ability to support RFID door access system
  • 200A service minimum for our area, more is better though
  • Ability to install through-exterior-wall vents for laser (minimum), also for welding and laboratory areas if possible

Things we Want

  • Access to B-line trail
  • More space
  • Garage door
  • Area for car lift
  • Isolated wood shop and metal shop areas
  • The ability to get more space as we grow
  • Ability to mount antennas, weather station, etc. on the building or on the property
  • Access to our own breaker panel
  • Ability to run cables through walls (RFID, ethernet, CCTV (coax), etc.
  • Sound insulated area for air compressor and dust collection system
  • Pneumatic lines ran from compressor to useful areas in wood shop, metal shop, labratory, etc
  • Ceiling hung retractable extension cords in workshop('s) - we have a number of these ready to be installed

Materials from current building which belong to Bloominglabs or members

Anything we leave behind would be considered an informal donation towards the Switch Yard park project (much like our rent). Mid-wall refers to the long wall that divides the office from the workshop.

  • water heater - belongs to Dale Myers, he may want it back
  • car lift - including all wiring, lock panel, etc. for it
  • window AC unit
  • emergency exit lights over front and rear doors
  • paper towel dispensers
  • exterior exhaust vent louvres
  • all door knobs installed in building, originals should be in a safe place
  • RFID system, including electric strikes installed in both door frames
    • Might be worth replacing these, ours are cheap and known for wearing out
  • server room framed door, mid-wall framed door
  • all cat5 in building
  • AC wiring (romex) in mid-wall, oulets, boxes, etc.
  • AC wiring around exterior walls of the workshop, stopping at the rear door
  • AC sub-panel and all wiring, conduit, outlet, etc. feeding the air compressor
  • all 220v outlets in workshop
  • all lights on ceiling minus four of the 8' fixtures including wiring, 80% of the supporting conduit, light switches, etc.
  • motion light outside garage door
  • light sensor for front door light
  • Bloominglabs sign above our front door
  • all exterior antennas and related grounding wires
  • interior signs hung from ceiling
  • all shelves attached to walls
  • perf board and hangers lining workshop side of the mid-wall
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