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If you are the last person to leave the space, or a public event has just ended, please take a minute and check the following:

  1. Please return any tools used to their proper place and clean up your work area
  2. Your projects are picked up and stowed in an appropriate area
  3. Please do a sweep of the building and check these things
    1. All exterior doors are shut and locked: there are 6 exterior doors (two open to the main building) and 2 garage doors
    2. Turn off any lights left on
      1. The woodworking area light is under the counter next to the sink.
    3. Turn off any tools like soldering irons left on
    4. If the Open sign is still on, turn it off
    5. Verify the main entrance door is set to lock (turn screw under the push bar)
    6. If there are any non-members left inside the space, escort them outside
    7. If the Bloominglabs sign is still hung on the dumpster, bring it inside

Additionally, we remind you: workbenches are NOT project storage. Put your project up in an appropriate storage area or take it with you.

We thank you for your effort, together we can make Bloominglabs a better place for everyone to use.

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