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Teacher:Jenett Tillotson
Teacher's email: jtillots ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com


Text: The C Programming Language: 2nd Edition by Kernighan and Ritchie
Buy it on Amazon! You might find the PDF version useful.

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  • Lecture 6 - October 29th
  • Lecture 5 - October 22nd
  • Lecture 4 - October 15th
    • Notes
    • Code
    • Homework:
      • Read all of Chapter 3; exercises 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 2-5
  • Lecture 3 - October 1st
    • Notes
    • Code
    • Homework:
      • Read pages 41 through 54
      • Print out the ascii table for ascii values from 0 to 127. Include decimal, octal, hexidecimal, and char values for each value. You may find page 154 very helpful.
      • Directly compute the value ranges of unsigned char, short, and unsigned short. See values-char.c as an example
      • Extra credit: compute the ranges for int, unsigned int.
      • Extra, extra credit: compute the ranges for long and float
  • Lecture 2 - September 24th
    • Notes
    • Code
    • Homework: Read pages 35 through 40; exer 1-15, 1-17; extra credit 1-13 (both horizontal and vertical), 1-19
    • Homework Answers
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