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Audio Electronics

BSIAB2 -Overdrive Guitar effect from General Guitar Gadgets

Ruby - 386 9V Amplifier by RunOffGroove

Fuzz Face - Guitar effect, using lay-out from General Guitar Gadgets Check on the progress here

Workshop Series-Audio Electronics

This is still in the brainstorming process, but I'm thinking 4-part series.

  • CigarBox Guitar
  • Building a Guitar pick-up
  • Building a 1-Watt Amplifier
  • Building a Fuzz Box

Tools for BloomingLabs

Prototyping Board(heres a vid of mine)

  • plank o' wood w/mounted breadboard, terminal strips, battery box and angle-aluminum pre-drilled for pots/led/power/IO jacks/switches.
  • designed for use with audio projects, but might be useful in other areas.
  • the benefits of a protoboard is sturdiness and efficiency... no dangling jacks/pots/switches/batteries, allowing a more robust test of yr new circuit. yay!
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