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Put Your Ideas Here!

  • water rockets
  • soldering station and TV-B-Gone kits
  • build area where you can make speakers or build a water rocket
  • molding soap - particular mouse-shaped ones (maybe sell these?)
  • Adam will talk about his MegaSquirt and demo it as much as possible
  • Have people test the Monkey Puzzle
  • twinkie launches
  • Lock picking games
  • Grilling out, munchies, and drinks
  • some Raspberry Pi projects (MAME? Streaming the music for the event interactively?)
  • Steve's Hit The Target and Win Candy game
  • Steve's mystery synthesizer instrument

Welcome Area

An area where we kind of goofed last year was having somebody welcome people and a clear way to sign in.

I think we should clean up the front room and have somebody at the desk there at all times (sign up for shifts), and on the desk we can have printed info, the Kits, t-shirts (should we make more), stickers, and generally just make people feel welcome. Otherwise curious and cool people might come in, be too shy to talk to anybody, and then leave and we never see them again, which would be sad.

Clean Up Day

We should have a day some weekend between now and the 8th (there aren't too many of those) where we can get together and clean up the place really nice before the open house. We can have music and pizza and beer and it can generally be a fun time even though it involves cleaning.

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