Restoration of Craftsman 4" joiner

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Jesse brought in a Craftsman 4" jointer on 03/16/2016. This tool has been in a barn for a couple decades and will need significant work to be truly operational. However the basic functionality is there - the motor runs and the blades cut.



Before restoration


The jointer needs a fair bit of work before it can be effectively used:

  • Remove rust from bed, with oil + steel wool, then sandpaper from course up to 1000 grit
  • [optional] Buy non-silicone wax for bed
  • Research the fence, figure out how it's supposed to provide rigidity, and fix it
  • Replace the belt

Planned improvements

  • Build a replacement stand
  • Install a hinged motor mount for belt tensioning
  • Add a belt guard
  • Add a starter switch

Restoration resources

Completed restoration @ Vintage Machinery

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