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Joseph Cieslik's projects



Git Labs server and IRC server with Harpo

Pan pipes

Small knives

Throwing stars

Basic synthesizer with 555 timer chip

Circuit bent children's piano

Dry wall on the workshop side with Jimmy and Apple

Flash cotton

Wooden and metal rings

Tomahawk/throwing knife target

"data couch"

Desktop CNC enclosure

Pvc bow

In Progress

NAS/file server and vulnerable host with Max

Chemistry and Biology lab in back closet

Wooden dual GPU support

OTG cable

Ethernet Throwing Star

3D printing Battletech figures with Max and Chet

Can forge

Smelting aluminum with Alex

Handle for Poleaxe

Vapeable Nootropics


COTSMBC with Jimmy

Rcandy with Jimmy and co.

A new 3d Printer

A proposed pager network

Ceiling Modifications


DIY tile and fiberglass body armor(First trial failed)

1988 Toyota Celica Alltrac ST165(Sold)

Wrist fireball launcher(Never assembled)

Future Projects

Cyberpunk deck(There is also a version on Instructables)

Linux handheld terminal with RaspberryPi

Rugged, portable server

Weather balloon

Nuclear fusor


Haptic augmentation

Pirate radio


Tyvek backpack, belt, and wallet

Potato box

Brewing beer/ferment wine


Automated titration machine

Satellite antenna

USB condom

Pirate/Library Box

VHS tape particle accelerator

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