2014 Yearly Meeting

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Agenda for the 2014 yearly meeting.


  • Nathan
  • Jenett
  • Jay
  • Steve
  • Nick
  • Allyn
  • Heath
  • Austin
  • Daniel (through google hangout and IRC)


Review our achievements from the past year

  • Laser cutter
  • Makevention
  • Membership grew over the summer (has since dropped a bit but still more than last year)
  • We got more press on the Internet/radio/print media
Meeting Notes:

Areas for Improvement

  • Keeping the space clean
Meeting Notes:

Any outstanding issues from the 2013 yearly meeting?

  • Security system/video camera?
Meeting Notes:

Issues to discuss

  • Potential relocation of space
  • Makevention 2014
  • Non-profit status & relationship with School Factory
  • Not an issue per se, but what things can we do for fundraising and/or apply for grants?
  • Workshops for the coming year
    • Machining class
    • Using PGP encryption with email (signups from Makevention still)
  • Officer elections
Meeting Notes:


  • Group projects (thermostat is going on but more of course would be great)
  • Hack-a-thons (host or participate in them)
  • Monthly or weekly topic-specific events (Thursday's 'Microcontroller Madness', groups like HAM or 3D printing groups)
  • Participation at other events (Louisville Arcade Expo, DerbyCon, other area Maker Faires)
Meeting Notes:

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