2018-06-13 meeting agenda with notes

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Mid-Year Member Meeting (2018)

Overview & Membership updates : Daniel

Business cards
Public night info
Info for parents with kids

Build-out/cleanup : Pete

Ready for fume hood (needs hands)
Metal hood needs hands
Dust collection relatively complete
Table saw hooked up now
Pete's been keeping public bathroom clean
Dirt path to men's room
Floor leveling?

Finances : Heath

64 on membership rolls
Quite a few non-paying members
Daniel not entering people into FreshBooks quickly enough
NO Makevention included in that
New Exit Procedures list
Sarah potentially interested in helping with treasurer duties

Votes/Business : Gavin

Status of Feb amendments
"Dead in the water"
Wording concerns on above

Events/workshops : Alex/Daniel

Fix-It Fair
Co-hosting if we're OK with that (are we?)
4th Parade
Screen Printing (Neal-requestor)
Intro to tools: (Gwen)
Getting rid of barriers to entry--website updates as well
Blender class after new release of Blender (late 2018) (Alex)
SolveSpace (date tbd) (Alex)
Model Rocketry (Julyish) (Alex)
Age 11+
Laser Workshop (after Makevention)
Possibly another welding workshop
Full Stack Javascript

Updates/requests from Mark: Daniel

Exhaust for metal shop
Should have weatherproof shroud
Pete is working on this
Crash bars
Need to be installed as soon as possible
Climbing boards (obstacle course equipment)
Should move to NW corner of building
Preferably not blocking windows, though
Move out before July 4
Wants to share dumpster location/pay
Keep south side of building to be kept clear except for events/weekends
SE parking area at end of storage building to be used for parking (can include cars to be worked on soon), not long-term/large projects
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