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Greetings - what is this?

This page is an attempt to decentralize knowledge about what needs to be done yet in our space so anyone can step in and help out, especially our newer members who may not know everyone yet. Many people have expressed an interest in helping with the move and organize, but it's a hard job to coordinate with so much random stuff and so many people involved. There are probably some things people have different opinions about on here than what is expressed, please feel free to make changes and add/change details as you see fit. If you see your name listed and you feel that is in error, please update the wiki. If you need an account on the wiki, please send mail to contact at bloominglabs dot org and we'll get you setup.

If you complete a task here, please mark it out with a strike-through.

Storage unit

We still have stuff in the storage unit across the way. A set of keys are hanging above the light switch immediately as you walk in the RFID enabled door. One key is for the padlock, the other is for the door behind the plywood. If you want to bring more stuff in, or look for missing tools you need access to, please do so.

Points of Contact

This is meant to point people in a direction for coordination and assistance, not to appoint people as owners or take control from anyone. These are people who have become proficient in these areas and have already been doing a lot of these activities. If you feel you should be on this list please add yourself, and vice-versa. Also this list is incomplete for areas of the space, if you have been minding an area, or desire to, please add your name. Just ping the members mailing list to reach any of these people. Thanks!

  • Dan/Nathan/Heath - Laser cutter
  • Gavin/Jimmy/Alex - 3D printers
  • Dan/Jenett - crafting room
  • Gavin - electronics room
  • Gavin/Nathan/Kevin - radio stuff in electronics room
  • Gavin - has been coordinating a unified signage style, general signage where needed
  • Pete - wood shop dust collection, car lift
  • Pete/Nathan - any AC wiring changes in the space
  • Pete/Neal/Adam/Nathan - Metal fab shop
  • Nathan/Gavin/etc. - Biohacking room

Black: General statements
Green tasks: anyone should feel free to jump in and do this
Red tasks: specific people likely need to be involved, if you want to help on this just ask! Members mailing list is good place to start.

Decisions to be made by the hive-mind
Determine location for the first aid station, move our supplies there - should not be inside a restroom, they need to be accessible regardless of restroom occupancy
Identify a location for the black chemical cabinet - repopulate with the chemical stuff - these are still in the storage unit as of 3-29

Non-room specific tasks
Mount fire extinguishers - they need to be mounted by doors to each room, extinguishers have already been placed in rooms they should stay in (Lounge, wood shop, laser room, metal fab, electronics room, and BioLab). Use drywall screws and anchors for the mount (almost all should have mounts with them too).
Hang donation boxes in visible locations - Lounge, Laser room, and Metal fab room.
Gavin has beige lock boxes which could be used in more places for donations too?
Any boxes of wire - AC wiring or network cables - move to closet that connects the wood shop to the crafting room
As the recycling bins become empty, they could be wiped out and cleaned. The plan is to use these for member personal storage in the near future.

Organization Tasks
Wood shop / automotive workshop Move the unused plywood sitting out to an unobtrusive area - behind the large pile of insulation probably works for now
There is a lot of unsorted junk sitting on the floor. If possible, move it to an appropriate room that the junk belongs to, otherwise, stack on the beige shelves until it can be sorted by owners
Pete has been collecting input on a layout of wood tools, eventually all wood tools will connect to the dust collection system
Clear and move the 4' wide home made workbenches to be under dust collection pipes in south-west corner of the room
The random stuff currently on the 4' workbenches needs to be sorted and put away, or for now, stowed on the large beige shelves
Metal lathe against north wall needs to be swapped to one of the 4' workbenches to make more room for the air compressor currently sitting next to it
Peg board has been hung on some of the beige shelves, locate the tool hooks and repopulate with hand tools that need a home
Find all remaining hand tools - some are still in the storage unit
More workbenches are still in the storage unit, should be moved in and placed as needed
A set of the beige shelves has been marked as "Flea Market" - anything you feel we need to get rid of but could possibly be sold, please put here.
Laser/3D printer room Still random clutter in here next to laser, find a better way to store that stuff in this same room
Hook up the laser printer here to the network - talk to Nathan to get a static IP for the network
There is a plan to setup some computer workstations in here using the tables/desks along the south and west walls of the room, reorganize stuff on tables to get maximum usability. Dan and possibly Gavin interested in this?
The LCD displays along the south wall can be used for workstations
Do we have computers to setup here?? - where??
Figure out something to do with the tool box and stuff in the middle of the room - what is the plan for this tool box? Where did it come from?
Octoprint server on large 3D printer - set a static IP on this so it is usable again - use - Gavin set this up originally, should have root
Mount the large laser fire extinguisher at door to classroom
Mount the smaller fire extinguisher at the door to the hallway (closest to kitchen) near the 3D printers (both extinguishers are in this room now)
Crafting room Sort and clear out the stuff on tables in there, a lot of this stuff probably does not belong in this room
The 8' flourescent light fixtures are all good or fixable and we may need them yet, they can be moved any place out of the way (and all their associated parts), just tell Nathan where they went - just don't separate the pieces please
Metal fab workshop Pete is in the process of wiring up 220v power for this room and generally has some kind of plan
Tool placement is tied to power outlet placement for 220v circuits, see metal fab diagram / Pete and Nathan
Feet found!!We need to find the feet for the mill table (blue table), then the mill can be set in place with the engine lift
Welding fume hood blower needs to be mounted to wall per diagram, exterior hole needs to be cut in wall
Protective wood fixtures need to be setup to protect walls in corner for materials storage - Nathan
Electronics/Ham radio room Gavin has been organizing this area, good idea to coordinate with him on things happening with this room
Biohacking Lab Nathan will build the riser needed for the fume hood stand soon - materials are acquired
Fume hood can be moved in once riser is done / Heath and Jimmy required for this
8' light fixture to be installed - needs to be mounted offset in the room so it is not directly over the hood, hood is roughly 30" deep from east wall / Nathan/Pete/etc.
Vent duct needs to be ran through exterior wall (10" diameter) / Pete, Nathan, etc.
After hood is moved in, utility sink needs to be hooked back up // Nathan - I have a plan here, need to T-in a couple other drains at same time
Faucet and drain in fume hood needs to be plumbed in as well
Eyewash station needs to be mounted and plumbed too - shower attachment can be removed
Kitchen Needs to be organized
Big refrigerator is Petes
Classroom Classes will start soon here. This room is probably ready to go, a VGA/cat5 hookup cable direct to the projector works for now.
Lounge Hook up laser printer in here to the network - talk to Nathan to get a static IP for the network
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