Atlas Lathe Restoration

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This is an Atlas TH-42 lathe made by the Atlas Press Company, most likely made at the Kalamazoo Michigan plant. The model number indicates it was made after 1947, has roller-bearings in the head-stock, and uses changewheel screwcutting. It has a 42 inch bed with 30" capacity between the centers. More info on Atlas lathes is available here: I inherited this from my Great Uncle Wilfred. He was concerned about his shop tools going to good use after he left us, I think this one will go to very good use.

Original condition

Lathe as it was received
Down the bed
Boiler Plate
Drive section - mounts behind the lathe
Drive gears
An old repair
Box of lathe tools

Initial cleanup

A couple folks immediately took to the lathe with a wire brush and some 3-in-1 oil:

Oil applied, debris cleared off

Electrolysis rust removal

In order to facilitate major rust removal, we built an Electrolysis_Rust_Removal_System. Simply leave the part in the bucket of solution for 24 hours with voltage applied and out comes clean parts. Amazing! Here are some of the early results, compare to the very first photo at the top of this page:

Rust gone from chuck
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