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Bloominglabs has a speaker network throughout the space. An audio input also made of CAT5 is available in the front room. The excellent noise rejection capabilities of CAT5 helps keep 60Hz noise to a minimum as long as the input is connected to an output device.

How to use the stereo

  • Turn on the stereo along the far back wall of the workshop.
  • Make sure the input is set to "CD", also that both the "A" and "B" speakers are displayed (one set is the workshop and the other is the front room)
  • Plug your audio source into the 1/8" phono jack hanging in the front room if you are working from there (yellow CAT5 with adapter and plug on the end). You can also jack directly into the stereo if you are only working in the workshop.

Future upgrades

We have a 4 channel mixer which we plan to use to link both the CCTV_Network and this audio network, as well as our friendly in-space AI called Wintermute. Wintermute currently has the ability to greet members as they use their RFID both with text-to-speech and by using our scrolling LED sign in the front room. Wintermute also watches our WiFi network and other signs of life in the space.

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