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These are tools and supplies available to Bloominglabs members.

Power Tools

We require a brief safety-qualifications walk through before using any power tools in the space.

  • chop saw
  • drill press
  • 9" band saw
  • bench grinder
  • makita cordless drill
  • table-top sander
  • dremel('s) with a complete set of accessories


  • soldering irons
  • soldering supplies (solder, desoldering braid, sponges, ect)
  • large quantity of hand tools (pliers and sidecuts)
  • digital volt-ohm meter
  • analog volt-ohm meter
  • 15MHz dual-channel oscilloscope
  • Heathkit oscilloscope
  • BK 2A 0-50V variable bench power supply
  • solderless breadboards
  • Arduino clones
  • AVR tools
    • USBTiny programmers
    • ATMega8 and ATtiny2313 chips
    • buttons, 5v regulators, and other supplies

Other Equipment

  • 19" rack, 4' tall
  • 19" rack, 6' tall
  • old oscilloscope which needs some work
  • ton of ethernet and fiber cables
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