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Baofeng UV-82 Because I could not find any instructions on the internet, here are instructions on how to disassemble the Baofeng UV-82 handheld transceiver.


[edit] Remove Belt Clip

2 small philps screws

[edit] Unclip Battery

3 unclip battery.jpg 4 remove battery.jpg

[edit] Remove Antenna and Volume Knob

5 unscrew antenna.jpg It just pulls straight off.

[edit] Unscrew Retaining Rings

7 remove antenna retainer.jpg 8 remove volume retainer.jpg

[edit] Pry Open Case

9 unpry bottom clips.jpg 10 bottom popped out.jpg

[edit] Remove Rear Case and Circuit Board

11 remove back.jpg

[edit] Remove Rubber Pieces

12 rubber jack seal.jpg 13 keypad.jpg

[edit] Disassembled

14 disassembled.jpg

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