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Historical Document

This page is intended to document as much of our activities as possible so we can maintain a sense of history of what our group has done over time. It should be used for anything that happens outside of the Meeting_Minutes document.

July 2010

Bloominglabs is official!

Moved out of Jenett's basement and into our room at The Collaboration Room. Picked a name for our space. Formed Bloominglabs LLC and signed our lease for the room.

Held these workshops which where open to the public

  • Soldering
  • AVR programming I
  • AVR programming II
  • Arduino + RF/wireless

The Soldering workshop was our first and had 17 attendees (out of 6 RSVP's). The AVR workshops had 11 and 6 attendees respectively, and the Arduino RF workshop had 6 attendees. All went over extremely well and had very good feedback.

External Publicity

Local writer Kevin Makice wrote about The Collaboration Room and the Bloomington Hackerspace Initiative in his Wired blog Geek Dad. Member Joe Stone was at the Detroit Maker Faire the weekend of July 31st and sat on a panel about hackerspaces along with Mitch Altman.

August 2010

After the whirlwind that was July we relaxed and only held one workshop. Mitch Altman and Jimmy Rogers stopped by on August 19th to host a soldering workshop, it was another great success.

September 2010

  • Obtained a drill press
  • Got prototype of RFID door-access system working
  • Installed shelves on main closet in space
  • Cleaned up front porch power tool area
  • Installed deadbolts on Matthew's and Arthur's doors
  • Began work on RFID access control system for our room and the building based on Open Access Control - main controller built
  • Aluminum casting mini-workshop with coffee can forge

October 2010

  • More work on RFID system
  • Collaboween projects built with Matthew
  • Arduino shield build parties
  • Sumobot throwdown and halloween party at LVL1 in Louisville, KY
  • Started accumulating hardware for plastic vacuum-forming table

November 2010

  • More work on RFID system
  • Prep for December soap-molding workshop
  • Prep for January bugbots with Wonderlabs
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