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IR Harp

I like this idea of Jenett's. Maybe we can do it with lasers [1] once we get the IR version working.


I have a number of canon printers (high quality stuff) to teardown, scrap, and salvage. The printers include steel rods, stepper motors, drivers, and other cool components. Is it enough stuff to make a RepRap? Let's find out.

Major components salvaged:

  • High-polish precision steel rod, various lengths and diameters.
  • Power supply, 5/24VDC @ 1/1A
  • 4-wire stepper motors. Unipolar? Unknown steps/revolution
  • 34V 470- and 1000- uF capacitors
  • Various driver chips: ULN2803A, L298HN, L6210, TB62202AF, A3953SB


We can cast aluminum and have a drill press, so I'm pretty sure we can make a lathe somehow. More to come on this I hope.

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