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*Steamer fix-up
*Steamer fix-up
**Gunked-up home clothing steamer
**Gunked-up home clothing steamer
**Lesson learned: use distilled water
*Lathe chisel cleanup
*Lathe chisel cleanup

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Projects I've worked on at Bloominglabs:

Done/Reached Point of Satisfaction

  • Buzzer system
    • Netduino and shift-register based
    • BrainBowl/Certamen-style buzzer system
    • Self-hosted web scoring/reset interface
  • Arduino Sonar Ruler
    • Basic range-finder with LED inch display
    • Mostly a test of using sonar range-finder for cubicle buddy
  • Steamer fix-up
    • Gunked-up home clothing steamer
    • Lesson learned: use distilled water
  • Whistle
    • Oak
    • Test turning on lathe
    • Drilled out using 7/8" bit, cut notch on band saw, sanded down and flattened 1" dowel, glued in place


  • Ripple/Vintnr
    • Google Wave replacement
    • v1 in use to small group of friends; working on v2
  • Cubicle buddy
    • Physical status indicator
    • Worker warning system
    • Integrated with messaging systems?


  • Tons of laser cutting
  • Updates to asset management system
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