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Virtual achievement badges for Bloominglabs are served up at [1]


About the badges

These awards are based on the Badges initiative. This means that the badges are portable across sites that support the spec, and you are able to collect badges from various sites in a virtual "backpack".

Getting involved

There are many ways to get involved with this project:

  • Earning badges! (see the page for a list of currently available badges)
  • Graphic design on new badges
  • Coming up with new badge ideas
  • Building hooks into other apps (like a mediawiki badge displayer plugin so we can integrate badges into our main site!)

Creating new badges

Badge creation can be done by anybody, with no real requirements other than to make them meaningful (earnable) and to remember that we are a family-friendly hackerspace.

Sign in to the site and click "Create a new badge" link. You can upload a picture, give the badge a name and description, and set some terms for achievement and distribution of the badge:

  • Nominations can be made by other people, or not
  • Nominations can be auto-accepted

Technical details

The badges site is hosted by cshields. The code is based on Mozilla's code for a badge-issuing site, and is open source - [2] . Feel free to contribute.

Authentication is handled by [3], which is a new identity management service for the web. (in other words, passwords are not stored by the site).

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