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My project listing, probably always out of date.


Active ToDo List

  • Vacuum mold making device
    • sweeper motor acquired, needs oven to heat plastic
  • CES device advancements
    • voodoo magick box equivalent based on attiny13
  • SLM+CES combo device
  • wearable RF sensory devices (for use with the TI Chronos when it arrives)
    • attiny with RF receiver and cell phone motor attached to an arm-band

Some day list

  • arduino ps/2 keyboard - to facilitate alternative input controls to software that accepts only keyboard inputs / for stand alone operation
  • ferrofluid
  • more work on interferometer detector circuit with Will

Done or mostly working

  • laser tag rig


  • More Arduino+RF workshops
  • Aluminum casting
    • Make concrete forge
    • Make green sand for molds
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