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These are photos and descriptions from simple things I've done at Bloominglabs that I wanted to post photos of or document, but a whole page to each item wasn't warranted.

Turned knob for electric wheel chair control

Our electric wheel chair did not come with a satisfying knob on the joystick control so one evening I just turned one for the fun of it. This took about 30 minutes or so to complete. I don't have the skill yet (or the tooling) to turn a sphere/knob on the lathe so I came up with this design just mucking around. I sanded it as well to improve the finish. For the shaft hole, I measured the metal joystick shaft with digital calipers and chose a drill bit slightly smaller than the hole. I then pounded the knob on with a dead-blow hammer.

Joystick knob
Joystick knob 2nd view
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