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How to host a Bloominglabs workshop

Members: we would LOVE to see you run a workshop on a topic you feel confortable talking about (even if you are not a member). Simply contact us at a meeting or send us an email and we can discuss your idea (members should use the members mailing list, non-members can reach us at contact at bloominglabs dot org). Workshops can be members-only or open to the public. We will work with you to identify any tools or supplies you would require and address any safety concerns. Generally members help each other out during workshops so it's not you alone working with a class of 20 people. We try to avoid our normal meeting dates for workshops (currently Wednesday each week).

RSVP management

We ask people to RSVP so we can get a idea of what attendance will be like, the address for this is rsvp at bloominglabs dot org. The person organizing a workshop can receive RSVP mail by subscribing to bloominglabs-rsvp at bloominglabs dot org once the workshop schedule has been posted (list access is restricted to members). Once your workshop has concluded simply unsubscribe from the list.

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