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GrokItBot website

To train GrokItBot:

  • Go to #grokitbot
  • Make a post, and when GrokItBot responds with "What do you mean?", type one of the following:
    • it means <script name>
    • <script name>

Example conversation is:

< ivy> How are you doing?
< GrokItBot> Sorry, I don't understand. What do you mean?
< ivy> it means feelings
< GrokItBot> OK, I grok that
< ivy> How are you doing?
< GrokItBot> Bien. Y tu?
  • Current scripts are:
    • color
    • feelings
    • goodbye
    • hello
    • thanks
    • tools <- this one includes the command "uptime"

An example script (this one is called feelings.aiml):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<topic name="FEELINGS">

<li>I am fine.</li>
<li>I've been better.</li>
<li>I bit under the weather.</li>
<li>Help! I'm trapped inside a warehouse held by hackers at soldering iron point
<li>Bien. Y tu?</li>



Catarina's talk

Catarina Mota from openMaterials came and gave a talk on Smart Materials.

CatarinaTalk - my notes from the talk

A copy of her slides

IR Harp

Cornell Project Page

IR emitters

Photo Diode


AVR mega644 Data Sheet Summary AVR mega644 Data Sheet

AVR Fuse tutorial

AVR Fuse calculator!!!

Lights Out Game

Lights Out Explanation

Lights Out Implementation with 7400s

Lights Out AVR code

How to build the shift register

Ferromagnetic Liquid

Ferrofluid in 5 Minutes

Templeton Science Club


Speakers meet non-Newtonian fluid

St. Nick's Holiday Mini-Workshops


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