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Prospective Locations for the Bloomington Hackerspace

So lets collect some locations that may meet our potential needs. If possible post a google-maps reference. Also we can post info on commercial real-estate agents.

Basic Requirements:

  • Needs to be inside or close to Bloomington
  • Cheap rent
  • further items as discussed

Other things to consider about location:

  • Probably want something industrial - lower rent and no noise restrictions
  • At least basic parking accommodations, hopefully enough for at least 5-10 cars, more is better
  • Garage entrance might be nice, but certainly not required (allows more ventilation, also car hacking)
  • A restroom may not be mandatory but should be considered
  • A place to put up Ham radio antennas and/or free-to-air dishes outdoors might be nice
  • A fixer-upper might also be in order, up for discussion based on locations found

Important things to inspect when checking out locations

  • verify the roof does not leak, look for freshly repaired ceilings/walls
  • verify utilities available (power, water, trash, restroom a plus, net access)
  • does it have 3-phase power available? Any other types of power? (2phase, current capacity)
  • who are the neighbors? any problems with burglary or vandalism in the area?
  • do they care if we install outdoor antennas or dishes?

Potential Locations

The order of the listing presently does not indicate order of preference.

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