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At some point, Joe made our cool bloomin-gear logo. You are looking at it now, on the left.

At some later point, we wanted to use it for more than the wiki, but of course not everyone had the files.

If you want images like this:Bloominglabs.png ... then just download and use that PNG. If you want a half-decent SVG I made of the flowergear, then please check this out: http://bloominglabs.org/images/4/4f/Bloominglabs-logo.zip If you want a really good SVG of the flowergear, maybe ask Joe.

Jenett put this version out there: http://harold.uits.indiana.edu/~jtillots/bloominglabs/futuristic.png

Thiiis is kinda big, cause it's 9 feet long and 120dpi. http://bloominglabs.org/images/d/d6/Export-banner.png

After ILF 2011, we have our first real banner: Bloominglabs-banner-300.png

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