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MAME Cabinet - contact cshields (irc)


How to start?

Boot it up! Everything should start automatically. If you need, there should be a wireless keyboard and mouse, maybe sitting on top or inside. When you are done be sure to go to the Exit menu and shutdown safely (it is Windows..)

Things to know:

The control panel is on hinges and opens toward you by lifting on the back side, allowing easy access to power on the PC inside.

Should you need access into the control panel itself, it is held by velcro, but try not to open this up too much as the velcro will come off

The CPU runs a bit hot.. If it shuts down thermally it is probably time to blow out the heat sink

The USB wireless dongle I have sucks, so it is likely left unplugged to avoid anything trying to reach out and hang.

Key Wiz is used to program the PS/2 interface for the controls. Profile A is setup for this cabinet. This should all be taken care of on boot.

GameEx is used as the UI for everything. More emulators can be added to it and configured through the GameEx configuration found in the start menu.

What is in the box?!

AMD Athon XP 2600+ (1.9ghz)

1GB DDR333 RAM (2 sticks of 512MB, can take 2 sticks of 1GB)

NVIDIA GeForce 6800 w/256MB RAM

Key Wiz PS/2 interface

Possible improvement projects:

(feel free to make this better, you have my permission! Just mark stuff off the list, or add to it)

  • External volume box (simple potentiometer to run the main audio from the PC through)
  • Vinyl trim around the edge of the control panel
  • Custom Bloominglabs Lit Marquee
  • Trackball + 2 buttons installed (I have the trackball, need to buy a mount for it and an interface, probably from Happ) to play crystal castles, golden tee, and act as a mouse interface
  • CPU cooling could be improved
    • Heck, for that matter the whole PC could be replaced with something faster/better
  • Top piece of MDF wood has broken, could be replaced
  • Better wifi
  • StepMania is on the hdd (and I have an old pad to go with this) but needs configured
  • NeoGeo roms aren’t working right. sadface for metal slug
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