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(Current Project)
(Current Project)
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== Current Project ==
== Current Project ==
== What is a hacker space? ==
== What is a hacker space? ==

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Welcome to the Bloomington Hacker Space initiative!

This is a starting point for us to organize ourselves and find a space we can all use. Be sure to sign up to the discussion list to keep up with the latest developments.



Currently we are meeting every Tuesday at 6:30pm in Jenett's basement (the same schedule as the IU Robotics club). At the present time we seem to be learning AVR/ATMega and Arduino programming along with other electronics focus. Pretty much whatever people want to work on or learn is fair game, we have essentially merged with the IU Robotics club for the time being. We currently have an electronics focus however our intent is to eventually have a space where wood and metal working can happen too. If you need directions to Jenett's basement send mail to dosman [@] packetsniffers.org.

Who are we and what are the meetings like?

We are a bunch of people that want to do interesting things and explore the world and technology around us. Presently the hackerspace initiative is merged with the IU Robotics Club. They are all great people and we all have a lot to learn from each other. Currently we are all learning how to use AVR/ATMega microcontrollers since this is a good starting point for many other cool projects. We usually meet for 2-3 hours and have a lot of fun. For those that can manage to stay until the very end of a meeting, we have also started a habit of doing some brief backyard astronomy before calling it a night. See the Meeting_Minutes for details :).

Current Project


What is a hacker space?

It's a physical location where people can share resources for their own creative pursuits. It also serves as a safe place for projects and learning. In urban locations it can often be hard to find places to weld/build/make noise and keep projects on-going without having to tear down and put-up your work each evening. With a hacker space people can work on their projects any time of the day or night and not worry about annoying their neighbors or spouses.

What needs to be done yet?

Fortunately there is already a great initiative started to assist people launch their own hacker spaces:

Check out the Todo list to see the latest things we need to get done.

Also see who else is working on this project: Special:ListUsers

Uploaded files: Special:ImageList

New: I put together a simple spreadsheet for playing with per-member costs of the space: File:HackerSpaceCosts.xls

Nearby Hacker Spaces or initiatives:

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