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This is reference material for people interested in using our lathe. This material is collected here in order to assist a workshop on using the lathe as well as for people to teach themselves how to use this machine.

Reading Material

For additional material on the subject of running and using a lathe use these links. The MIT guide is a single page with a good overview of lathe parts and operations. The WE Williams site contains complete PDF's of older books on using lathes. I have two expensive classroom books which cover lathe work which I will provide to Bloominglabs members in the near future.

Video Tutorials

These are free MIT videos which are a reasonable introduction to using a lathe. They are part of a 10 video series on machine tools, these are the lathe videos from this series.

  • [1] - MIT video 1 for the lathe
  • [2] - MIT video 2 for the lathe
  • [3] - MIT video 3 for the lathe

Tool Grinding

Tool grinding is just as important as lathe work, these are videos on how to properly grind your cutting tools.

  • [4] - Tool grinding video from "Tubalcain"
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