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To sell something at Bloominglabs you first need to fill out a sales ticket. The Sales Order book is in the cabinet below the bulletin board. Instructions for filling out a ticket are:

1.) These are two-part forms, so move the cardboard backer down to behind the next sales ticket.

2.) Fill in the date

3.) On the SOLD BY line, check the box to show how the customer will be paying. Use "cash" for cash or check, and "charge" for credit card.

4.) Fill out QUAN. DESCRIPTION, and AMOUNT for each different item sold.

5.) On line 10, write "Subtotal" and subtotal the AMOUNT column.

6.) On line 11, write "Sales Tax" for the DESCRIPTION, then multiply the AMOUNT on line 10 by 0.07 and write that result in the AMOUNT column.

7.) If they are paying by credit card, on line 12 enter "Credit card fee" and enter "1.50" in the AMOUNT column.

8.) On the last line, write "Total" in the DESCRIPTION, total up the AMOUNT on line 10, 11, and 12, and enter that in the AMOUNT column. Charge this amount to the customer.

9.) Write your name in the RECEIVED BY field on the bottom of the sales ticket.

10.) Hand the white copy to the customer and take the yellow copy, collect any money or check from the customer and put it in an envelope if necessary, and stick it in the Donations box.

11.) An example ticket is in the Sales Order book.

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