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22:38, 17 August 2014Bloominglabs-logo revised.png (file)72 KBDakmh (Revised version of Bloominglabs logo, including gears redesigned for actual use.)1
00:35, 14 July electric map-resize.jpg (file)125 KBDosman (S. Rogers warehouse physical electrical map)1
00:15, 14 July 2014Breakerbox+wiring changes.xls (file)11 KBDosman (S. Rogers warehouse)1
01:55, 29 May 2014RFPforSouthRogers.doc (file)166 KBJtillots (This is the RFP we are to fill out for the South Rogers space.)1
01:53, 29 May 2014RFIFinal.docx (file)128 KBJtillots (RFI filed with the City. (Wow did we do a good job with this submission))1
15:24, 29 December 2013Hh.tgz (file)9 KBDosman 3
00:13, 14 December 2013Popup-presents.pdf (file)3 KBJtillots 1
00:13, 14 December 2013Popup-christmastree.pdf (file)18 KBJtillots 1
22:12, 5 September 2013Makevention-Ryder.pdf (file)17.35 MBDosman (2013 Makevention Ryder article)1
21:52, 5 September 2013Makevention-HT 8-23 article.pdf (file)6.49 MBDosman (2013-08-23 Makevention HT article)1
21:50, 5 September 2013Makevention-HT 8-25 article.pdf (file)7.75 MBDosman (2013-08-25 Makevention HT article)1
10:08, 25 July 2013BloomingLabs-Roll-Ave7.pdf (file)558 KBDosman (More floor plan layouts)1
13:07, 18 July 2013IMG 4726.JPG (file)313 KBDosman (Nick's generator bicycle)1
13:03, 18 July 2013IMG 4725.JPG (file)547 KBDosman (Nick's generator bicycle)1
11:04, 18 July 2013IMG 9534-s.jpg (file)616 KBDosman (Nick's generator bicycle)1
10:23, 18 July 2013IMG 4870.JPG (file)629 KBDosman (Nick's generator bicycle)1
14:07, 11 July 2013Rpicase7.jpg (file)1.13 MBAustintoombs (Case set up at home)1
14:05, 11 July 2013Rpicase6.jpg (file)643 KBAustintoombs (Closed!)1
14:01, 11 July 2013Rpicase5.jpg (file)614 KBAustintoombs (puzzle-like locking mechanism on the raspberry pi case)1
13:58, 11 July 2013Rpicase4.jpg (file)788 KBAustintoombs (Assembling the raspberry pi case)1
13:56, 11 July 2013Rpicase3.jpg (file)756 KBAustintoombs (Starting to assemble Austin's raspberry pi case)1
13:53, 11 July 2013Rpicase2.jpg (file)778 KBAustintoombs (Austin's raspberry pi case about to be assembled)1
13:51, 11 July 2013Rpicase1.jpg (file)775 KBAustintoombs (Austin's raspberry pi case being laser cut)1
01:12, 4 July 2013BloomingLabs-Roll-Ave.pdf (file)262 KBDosman (Proposed new space layouts)1
22:22, 3 July 2013BrewPiCase.tar (file)130 KBJtillots 1
12:09, 6 June 2013Tuningfork04.jpg (file)103 KBDosman (radar and 100mph tuning fork)1
12:09, 6 June 2013Tuningfork03.jpg (file)107 KBDosman (radar and tuning fork)1
12:08, 6 June 2013Tuningfork02.jpg (file)92 KBDosman (tuning forks)1
11:56, 6 June 2013Tuningfork01.jpg (file)101 KBDosman (Tuning fork being made)1
09:31, 3 June 2013Machining01-plumbob02.jpg (file)22 KBDosman (Machining course 01 plum bob)1
09:29, 3 June 2013Machining01-plumbob01.jpg (file)21 KBDosman (Machining course 01 - plum bob)1
16:04, 31 May 2013IMG 5137.JPG (file)354 KBDosman (lathe mini-chuck key)1
16:03, 31 May 2013IMG 5136.JPG (file)379 KBDosman (lathe mini-chuck key)1
23:15, 20 May 2013Blabs CCTV Network-today.png (file)156 KBDosman (Blabs CCTV network as of 5-2013)1
12:17, 20 May 2013BLabs CCTV Network - today.pdf (file)119 KBDosman (Bloominglabs CCTV network diagram as of 5-2013)1
01:26, 9 May 2013Stamp03.jpg (file)82 KBDosman (rubber stamper)1
01:25, 9 May 2013Stamp02.jpg (file)80 KBDosman (rubber stamper)1
01:21, 9 May 2013Stamp01.jpg (file)78 KBDosman (laser engraved rubber stamp)1
10:28, 8 May 2013Laser Manual-hobby-adv-manual-r0.2.pdf (file)7.45 MBDosman (Full Spectrum 5th generation 20"x12" laser manual. Category:Manuals)1
10:18, 8 May 2013Bandtroubleshootingchart.pdf (file)448 KBDosman (bandsaw blade troubleshooting chart)1
10:05, 8 May 2013Bandsaw manual-BDBS100.pdf (file)888 KBDosman (Bandsaw manual - it's for the black & decker, however the delta we have is identical. )1
09:59, 8 May 2013JET 5x6 bandsaw.pdf (file)3.88 MBDosman (JET Bandsaw manual)1
12:03, 2 May 2013Makevention-Exhibitor-flyer.pdf (file)2.71 MBJtillots 1
09:43, 2 May 2013IMG 4979.JPG (file)546 KBDosman (wheelchair joystick knob turned on the lathe)1
09:41, 2 May 2013IMG 4978.JPG (file)405 KBDosman (wheelchair joystick knob turned on the lathe)1
14:01, 10 April 2013Canjoy.pde (file)3 KBCchart 1
13:59, 10 April 2013Canblink.pde (file)2 KBCchart 1
13:07, 10 April 2013Db9-types.png (file)28 KBCchart (When using the DB9 interface of a CAN enabled product, you are likely to encounter two different pinouts)1
13:04, 10 April 2013IMG 20130410 103821.jpg (file)501 KBCchart (Seeed Studio Shield)1
13:04, 10 April 2013IMG 20130408 234148.jpg (file)809 KBCchart (CAN Bus Analyser and Can Bus Shield)1

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