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Hack the Rhinocerous Beetle robot toy

General hacking of the toy - make it remote controlled, add sensors, etc.


RFID System

Part of the bigger project more or less everybody is working on.

Motion Sensing Camera

To keep track of what my dog and cat do during the day.

Bloomington Crime Stats

I've scraped a bunch (12,000+) of local crime reports and geocoded them. Now need to open that up to Bloomington/the world.

FM (or AM) radio

Get a radio station up and running which will broadcast lots of text-to-speech goofiness, but preferably some useful info too.

Warning Light/Siren for Work

Hooks up to Nagios feed via the serial port. Displays Red/Green/Yellow light depending on current summary of how all the servers are doing. May add a fire alarm or such, if I feel like getting fired sometime.

Audio with Arduino

Get the Arduino to make all manner of freaky noises. May end up as a workshop at some point.

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