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Alternate "Code" elements:

DAKMH Suggestion

The Bloominglabs Space Rangers are a group of Members who, at Bloominglabs public events, whether on-site or outside Bloominglabs, represent the principles upon which Bloominglabs is based: Excellence and Fire Suppression. These reflect our only two rules: "Be Excellent to Each Other" and "Don't be on Fire".

"Being Excellent" includes: Welcoming newcomers to the space Making sure the space is clean and welcoming before public hours Making sure surfaces are clear for workshops Helping people with directions, tours, or guidance to a member with knowledge

"Fire suppression" can also mean many things: The literal: don't let the space, its members, or its visitors burn The first-degree figurative: minimize risk of injury Second degree figurative: minimize risk to Bloominglabs should someone become injured (make sure waivers are filled and signed by All) The further-afield: minimize risk to Bloominglabs by helping remove non-members displaying non-excellence

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