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Before we get ahead of ourselves

Once we get enough people and interest to begin moving forwards again with an independent location we can pick back up on this list. Don't let that discourage you though if it was not what you expected, start showing up to meetings and let us know that you want to help and we can make this happen.

Overall ToDo List

  • Get more people involved in the discussion (mailing list)
    • Tweet, retweet, post to FB, etc..
    • spread flyers across campus (once students come back)
  • Start talking about what we want
  • Start looking for acceptable locations
  • We need a name and a logo at some point :)
  • Begin formal process - start paperwork for a non-profit entity
  • Steal Write bylaws, find suckers board members
  • Apply for 501.C3 tax exempt status
  • Get a space rented under the non-profit entity
  • Check on insurance
  • disclaimer forms
  • Move in!
  • Get the joint fixed up to meet our needs (shelving, storage, etc)
  • Get people making projects

Once we move into a location

  • clean up the place as much as we need
  • define areas for different activities (electronics/soldering, welding, ham area, server/rack space, storage areas)
  • build shelves and storage
  • get work spaces built (desks, work benches, ham shack, tool wall, etc)

Gear to acquire or build

  • mini-fridge
  • air conditioner
  • space heater
  • couch, chairs
  • tables

  • welding outfits - MIG or TIG, and a stick welder
  • scrap steel (1/4" and 1/8") from JB salvage
  • Laser cutter/etcher
  • Rep-Rap rapid prototyper
  • hydraulic ironworker for cutting & punching 1/4" and 1/8" steel
  • acetylene torch outfit
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