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Overall ToDo List

  • Get more people involved in the discussion (mailing list)
  • Start talking about what we want
  • Start looking for acceptable locations
  • Begin formal process - start paperwork for a non-profit entity
  • Steal Write bylaws, find suckers board members
  • Apply for 501.C3 tax exempt status
  • Get a space rented under the non-profit entity
  • Move in!
  • Get the joint fixed up to meet our needs (shelving, storage, etc)
  • Get people making projects

Anything else

Once we move into a location

  • verify roof does not leak, look for freshly repaired ceilings/walls
  • verify utilities available (power, water, trash, net access)
  • clean up the place as much as we need
  • define areas for different activities (electronics/soldering, welding, server/rack space, storage areas)
  • build shelves and storage
  • get work spaces built (desks, work benches, tool wall, etc)
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