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This is a listing of manuals and other information needed to keep our machine tools in good operation. This is not meant to be used to track assets or list out all of our tools, we have the asset tracking system for that purpose. This page is here to list manuals for tools and store information on consumables such as bandsaw blades.


Full Spectrum Laser Cutter

Model HL40-5g

JET Horizontal (metal cutting) Bandsaw

Model HVBS-56M

The blade is 64 1/2" long and 1/2" wide, thickness of .025". Needs to be a small toothed blade. How small should the teeth be? A minimum of 2-3 teeth should be in contact with the material you are cutting. Unless you are cutting thin-walled tubing this shouldn't be a huge concern, a regular metal cutting blade will be fine.

Delta vertical bandsaw

Model BS100

The blade is 59 1/2" long, it will accept narrow blades as well blades up to ?? wide. When changing blades remember that there is a tracking adjustment knob on the back of the machine, use this if the blade keeps wandering off the wheels. This is why I got this bandsaw for $10 at the pawn shop - they didn't know how to use the tracking adjustment to keep the blade from coming off.

Craftsman Bench Sander

Model 137.215360

Sanding belts should be size 4"x36", sanding disks should be 6".

Sears Bench Grinders

Model 319.190400 Model 397.19460

We have two bench grinders, both from sears. They will take a 6" grinding wheel. With some work buffing wheels can also be used.

Atlas Metal Lathe

Model TH42

Blue Metal Lathe

9" x 19" Also called the Chinese lathe. No model, but is identical to the Grizzly G4000, it just has different badging (also says "Lateh" on the side in engrish).

Main consumable on this tool is the translucent-yellow V-belt, Grizzly ref# 237 and part number P4000237 (V-BELT 5 X 710MM). Can be ordered here ($35 plus shipping):

Cheaper alternative ($10 plus $10 shipping):

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