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Here's where we'll put info about TrueScheme. My first suggestion is we don't mention the word "TD" for fear this page will turn up in a google search I'll try to get this page not to be indexed, but for safety, don't say "TD".

If you need an account on the wiki to change things, email dosman ]at[ packetsniffers d o t org. and he'll get you one. Mention you are with TrueScheme.


Mailing List

We can also work through the email list - truescheme ]at[ bloominglabs d o t org. I'll keep this page up-to-date with things as we go along.

If you need to join the mailing list, go to:

TrueScheme Mailing List Signup

Story Line

Project Time Line


  • We should do this on a Saturday and then party and hang out Saturday night


  • Idea 1: I belong to Bloominglabs which is a hackerspace in Bloomington, IN. We have a 1,000 sq ft place that would be perfect for this. The hackerspace members have said we could do it there, and some of them may be interested in helping.
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