2016-12-14 meeting minutes

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Tonight's Agenda

  • Treasurers report
  • Officer/board transitions
  • Announce poll for scheduling of the 2017 Yearly Meeting
  • Nation of Makers - what have Jenett and Steve been up to?  :-)
  • Instructables contest - prize status


  • Nathan
  • Jenett
  • Will Robot
  • Apple
  • Wolf
  • Michael Fisher
  • Jimmy
  • Joey
  • Constance

Treasurer's Report

  • $4050.92 in the bank.
  • Gas bill is averaging $28 per month, electricity is averaging $213 per month this year (higher than usual, but ok since space is getting more use)
  • We are paying for our own dumpster now, $35 per month
  • No longer sharing any expenses with other tennants on this property, insulates us from the issues we've had there
  • Bringing in slightly less than our monthly overhead cost, but still have plenty of cushion for now.

Agenda Discussions

  • The Board/Officers are changing this year. Voting will take place during the Yearly Meeting in 2017.


  • Nathan and Steve Backs to work on the wood-shop area some in the coming weeks/months
  • Constance volunteered to clean up and organize sections of the space, starting with the radio desk corner
  • Doodle poll sent out for 2017 Yearly Meeting date and time

Other Topics

  • Investigating the possibility of getting a storage shed. City will soon start construction in the creek area so parking cars or sheds near the fence is no longer viable.
  • Search continues for a new space, Jenett estimates we have 1 to 1.5 years yet before the city kicks us out of this building.
  • 3D printer: Donations need to be collected for the 3D printer fundraiser. More info on these pages: Makerfarm_12-Inch_Pegasus_3D_Printer / New_3d_Printer.
  • Gavin applied for membership finally
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