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I have a couple sources of cheap, one-use poly barrels. I will be making the following out the barrels:

Rain barrel

I'm using 55 gallon poly barrels to make the rain barrels. I'm following these instructions (link to come):

If a member wants to make it themselves, it would cost anywhere between $20 - $40, depending on the cost of the barrel and chosen materials. I will be selling them complete for $50 - $60, but will offer a member discount. Watch for the rain barrel workshops!

Compost barrel

A 55 gallon poly barrel is used to make the rolling compost barrel. More info to come.

Barrel planter

I will be using 30 gallon poly barrels to make the plant towers. I'm really excited to make these and hope they become a hit due to the amount of plants you can fit into a small space. More info to come.

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