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Bloominglabs Incorporated is governed by the Bylaws and these Standing Rules. The Bylaws act as the core governing document of Bloominglabs, while the Standing Rules act as an accompanying document specifying the continuing rules and resolutions that are voted in at duly called meetings of the voting membership. As such, the Standing Rules are a more fluid document than the Bylaws which require more specific requirements to change, as specified in the Bylaws.

Bylaw References to the Standing Rules

  • Article III, Section 3: Voting Membership Class Election
    • ...The Standing Rules shall specify procedures for inducting new members...
  • Article III, Section 4: Voting Membership Dues
    • ...The amount, payment period, due date and acceptable methods for collection of dues shall be reviewed each year at the annual meeting, and shall be specified in the Standing Rules...
  • Article III, Section 6: Voting Membership Resignation and Termination
    • ...Any voting member may resign by filing a resignation with any officer. Resignation shall not relieve a voting member of unpaid dues or other monies owed. Voting membership shall be suspended for non-payment of dues by the Treasurer after a period of three (3) months. Any suspended voting member may restore their membership as shall be specified in the Standing Rules...
  • Article IV, Section 1: Regular Meetings
    • Regular meetings of voting members shall be held as designated in the Standing Rules.
  • Article IV, Section 2: Annual Meetings
    • ...At the annual meeting, the voting members shall elect the Board of Directors, review and vote on the Standing Rules and policies of the Corporation, receive reports on the activities of the Corporation, approve the budget and determine the direction of the Corporation in the coming year...
  • Article IV, Section 6: Conduct of Meetings
    • The conduct of all meetings shall follow the rules of order as specified in the Standing Rules.

Standing Rules

Don't be on fire
Adopted at the start of Bloominglabs, incorporated into Standing Rules document Feb 17th, 2019
Be excellent to each other
Adopted at the start of Bloominglabs, incorporated into Standing Rules document Feb 17th, 2019
Membership dues shall be
Adopted at the start of Bloominglabs, incorporated into Standing Rules document Feb 17th, 2019
Class I - Full dues - Full voting rights
$40 per month
Class II - Reduced dues based on hardship - No voting rights
$20 per month
To become a member, the following shall be required of applicant
Adopted at start of Bloominglabs, incorporated into Standing Rules Document Feb 17th, 2019
  1. The applicant shall have attended 3 (three) Bloominglabs public events, such as Public Meetings, Makevention, or workshops.
  2. The applicant shall fill out an application collecting required information, including whether the applicant is applying for a hardship membership.
  3. The applicant shall find an existing Bloominglabs member to sponsor the applicant for membership. The sponsor is responsible for vouching that the applicant has attended the required public events and would be a good candidate for membership. The member is responsible for filing the application with Bloominglabs and sending out an email to the membership list ( introducing the applicant, specifying if they are applying for a hardship membership, and requesting any objections to the applicant's membership be sent to the Bloominglabs board (
  4. If the applicant has completed the above steps, and no objections to the applicant's membership has been voiced to the Bloominglabs board within 1 (one) week, the applicant is eligible for membership. The applicant pays the first month's dues, at which point they shall be deemed a member, and granted the rights of the membership class they belong to.
Resigned and Suspended members may restore their membership through the standard membership application process, provided that they have no outstanding membership dues at the time of application.
Adopted Feb 17th, 2019
Regular meetings
Adopted Feb 17th, 2019
Regular meetings shall be called by the board. The date, time, and place of the meeting shall be sent out to the membership list ( at least 1 (one) week in advance of meeting.
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